The membership year runs from 8-1-17 to 7-31-18
(Sorry, we do not prorate membership dues)

Please mail your membership dues of $20 to:
TRFCC, 597 Clifton Road, Bethel Park, PA 15102

If you have any questions regarding your current or new membership, please contact our Director of Membership, Jay Hernishin

What Are The Benefits and Activities of the
TRFCC Association Membership?

TRFCC continues to expand its benefits for its members. Most of the support and services are provided by volunteer members. The association benefits and activities currently include:

— Annual Chinese New Year celebration
— TRFCC Culture Camp
— Educational programs
— TRFCC website and mailings
— Confidential directory of members
— PIcnics, shows, Idlewild day, Ice skating and more!
— And lots of fun & friends!



The current membership year runs from 8-1-17 through 7-31-18

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