Three Rivers Families With Children from China (TRFCC) began in 1997 as a small group of people who had adopted from China that where looking for camaraderie. As the number of people grew, the unofficial organization developed a mailing list, and began holding social events. Our membership has swelled to over 225 families with, and awaiting Chinese children in western Pennsylvania, Ohio, and West Virginia. The three rivers have truly brought us together!

Why Do We Exist?

TRFCC primary objectives and purposes are:

To provide support to individuals who have adopted from China, as well as individuals who are preparing to adopt from China.
To encourage and support international adoption from China.
To establish and maintain social and cultural ties with the Asian community and incorporate these into our organization.
To provide regular educational programming on issues surrounding adoption, children, and parenting.

Who Can Be A TRFCC Member?

Membership is open to all families with Chinese Children, without discrimination against any individual, family, group, or organization for any reason. (See TRFCC By-laws). Membership dues are paid annually in August.

Dues and event fees are kept to the minimum through the high volunteerism provided by our members. Non-members may participate in our activities at a slightly higher cost than members.

To Join the TRFCC

Download and print a copy of our TRFCC membership application. Complete the application and mail it along with the membership dues. Questions about membership can be emailed to Director of Membership.



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